Next Windhoek day hike – Saturday 29 May – Elisenheim kloof 10 km

** Start at farm 7h00, done around 13h00 * Slippery heights, big boulders, be fit and experienced * Small backpack, water 1-2L & snacks as per preference * Longer pants (jeans or similar) or gaiters * Passing through water, swimwear handy * N$ 200pp incl. breakfast snack * 3 bookings with payment by Thursday 27 May otherwise no go **

Next Overnight hike – 15 to 22 June – Naukluft

** 8 day hike, 120 km, highlight in Southern-Africa * Allow for travel 14 & 23 June * First and last night camping NWR Naukluft camp * Each hiker own gear and rations * Drop-off service on day 4, i.e. no full weight from day 1 * Transport to be arranged among group * 7 seats to go * N$ 1900pp up to 3, N$ 1500pp up to 5, N$ 1200pp up to 7 * booking confirmed with payment by Tuesday 1 June, here * more on the Naukluft **

  Think outside – No box required 


We love being on foot.

Countless hours of childhood wander on Namibian soil have over time been transformed into the conducting of various day hikes in the Windhoek area as well as a few select overnight options for those who would rather have a somewhat meatier bone.

We care about where we go.

Smaller groups are the norm; we prefer hiking with 3-8 people in environments not suited for larger numbers.

In a day and age known for technology rapidly advancing across the globe with tremendous impact on the way we live, Stok-en-Hoed continues to value frequent exposure to wide open spaces, sunny skies and distant horizons.


Day hikes

Moltkeblick towering above the Auas mountains. The Eros- and Otjihavera ranges extending north towards Okahandja. Rolling hills of the Khomas Hochland reaching west – the Windhoek surrounds provide more than ample opportunity for hiker, bird watcher and wildlife enthusiast in general to explore, discover and appreciate.

All our day trails are within an hours’ drive of town and cover distances from 8 up to 28 kilometres on the central plateau where the terrain varies from sandy savanna to dry, meandering riverbeds and the rugged hill on occasion to ensure the lungs are being tested.

Details of upcoming events are placed on our Calendar page; enquiries and bookings can be done through the Contact page.

Overnight hikes

In addition to shorter day trails around Windhoek, Stok-en-Hoed also conducts overnight hikes further away. Our current focus is mainly the south of Namibia but there remain opportunities elsewhere. Please continue to visit for updates as we keep up our quest in searching out areas with potential for multi-day trails.

Take note that as from 2020 we will also start offering 3-day and 4-day Canyon hikes for the young at heart.




Next Windhoek day hike

29 May                   Elisenheim kloof

Next Weekend hike

9-11 July                Krumhuk

Next Overnight hike (multi-day)

15-22 June           Naukluft