3 shorter Windhoek day hikes

The avid hiker searching for a day trail in the Windhoek area might be surprised about the number of options available, virtually in any direction and all within an hours’ drive of the capital. The Khomas Hochland together with the Eros- and Auas mountains all bordering town provide a great spectrum for any hiking enthusiast, including some lesser known trails worth exploring. 

A brief focus on 3 existing routes open throughout the year:

Ghost house 8 km

This fairly easy trail has recently been developed by Stok-en-Hoed offering a chance to visit a famous beacon of the area with good views over the Otjihavera mountains to the north as a bonus. Please go here for more information on this new venture.


Sun Karros Daan Viljoen 9 km

This popular day hike west of town provides a good opportunity to see local wildlife. Giraffe, mountain zebra, blue wildebeest, oryx, kudu and red hartebeest are some of the species observed regularly. As for the route itself, apart from 2 or 3 ascends it does not offer too much of a physical challenge. 2-3 hours are required to complete the trail where after hikers have a chance to take a welcome break at the local resorts’ swimming pool.


Elisenheim 12 km

Tucked away in the heart of the Eros mountains, this trail is characterised by its quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Scenic mountain views and a surprisingly large dam attracting a variety of bird life are highlights. Take note however of a range in altitude of up to 175 metres asking for a decent level of fitness and about 4 hours to complete. More here.


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