Update: Elisenheim 12 km day hike

Hikers from Windhoek joined in over the weekend and in summary shared the following:

  • There is a distinct serene and quiet atmosphere to this trail, unexpectedly so less than 20 kilometres from the capital.
  • Unbeknownst to many, there is a surprisingly large dam en route. Its viewpoint offers scenic mountain views and also serves as a good vantage point for bird watching.
  • The numerous ups and downs make for a true physical challenge, meaning the trail is not the ideal option for beginners or those merely looking for a leisurely stroll in nature.

Doufi Namalambo added: ‘Stok-en-Hoed provides me with an opportunity to enjoy nature, to feed my eyes with beautiful scenery. This Saturday has been an amazing experience because when I am in nature I am myself. Thank you for this Marius, helping me to be healthy, my soul to be at rest.’

And from Ronja Lyhs: ‘What a lovely hike and so close to Windhoek. A bit challenging at times but well worth it. The scenery is beautiful and having breakfast overlooking the dam was such a pleasure. What a surprise indeed to have a fully laid table, coffee and even freshly made drop-scones!’

More trail info here.



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