Day trail scouting: Narrec 20 July 2019

Join us this coming Saturday as we continue our efforts to establish new trails close to Windhoek. We have been day hiking this particular area for more than a year and came to know its potential. The route for Saturday will be relatively easy going apart from one decent hill leading up to great views over the Khomas Hochland. Some game species frequenting this quiet landscape are eland, kudu, gemsbok as well as black-faced impala.

As for NARREC itself, quite a number of Windhoekers are unfamiliar with their work. Liz Komen and her team have been involved for many years with the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds of prey. For those with an interest in our feathered friends there will be a chance after the hike for a close-up view of some truly fascinating species. We had a walk-through more than once ourselves and can heartily recommend this. More information on what they do over here.

We look forward to have you on trail with us..!


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