Scouting Düsternbrook 14 September 2019

An invitation to Stok-en-Hoed’s last trail scouting of the year. Take note that this will be a longer day hike than usual and is not recommended for the unfit! However, if you are a regular hiker looking for a good few hours out and away in a special part of the Khomas Hochland, please be encouraged to join us..

  • ±18 km mountain hike
  • 45 km from town
  • Meet 6h30 at Rhino Park Puma, next to Bushwhackers, arrange travel together
  • Start hike around 7h30, should be done 13h00-14h00
  • Scenic landscapes, wildlife – giraffe, mountain zebra, eland etc.
  • Backpack, water (1-2L), snacks for half day
  • Hat and sunscreen recommended, walking stick optional
  • N$ 80 per person trail fee
  • Booking – first 7 to confirm on 0812727120
  • Think outside – no box required – happy feet!

For more on Düsternbrook guest farm, please go here.


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