Day hikes

We conduct regular morning- and afternoon hikes in the Windhoek area as well as sleeping out for one night on occasion.

From the impressive Moltkeblick in the Auas mountains to the Eros- and Otjihavera ranges extending north, complimented by the rolling hills of the Khomas Hochland further west, the Windhoek surrounds provide more than ample opportunity for hiker, bird watcher and wildlife enthusiast in general to explore, discover and appreciate.

All our day trails are within an hours’ drive of town and cover distances from 8 up to 28 kilometres on the central plateau where the terrain varies from sandy savanna to dry, meandering riverbeds and the rugged hill on occasion to ensure the lungs are being tested.

Details of upcoming events are placed on our Calendar page; enquiries and bookings can be done through the Contact page. We are looking forward to have you hiking with us..!