Sun Karros Daan Viljoen

Conveniently close to Windhoek, this day trail remains popular with locals and visitors alike. It can be reached via a 20 kilometre drive on the C28 leading west from town onto the Khomas Hochland. The trail is well-marked and can be done without the assistance of a guide, note however that solo hiking on this particular route is not allowed.

After registering at reception (the gate to the reserve opens at 06h00, 7 days a week) the way points south past the local boma restaurant, a good place to relax at upon completion of the hike. Leaving a small riverbed after about 800 metres , the trail winds its way up a few hills (not very strenuous climbing) before meeting a small stone table at the 3.5 kilometre mark, presenting a chance for a welcome stopover with views on the horizon all round.

From here on the route continues south before gradually turning east on its way to find another riverbed below. With a little less than 2 kilometres to go, one last hill provides a proper test to the lungs of most.

Look out for wildlife such as giraffe, eland and mountain zebra along the way. Plant species like the camel-thorn, buffalo-thorn and kudu-bush are name-tagged at regular intervals.

Distance ~ 9 kilometres

Duration ~ 2-3 hours

Difficulty ~ A relatively comfortable day hike with a maximum rise in altitude of 80 metres.

     22º32’S 16º56’E

+264(0)83 323 2393 (Sun Karros bookings and enquiries)

Did you know ~ The Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve is one of a few popular birding spots in the Windhoek area. More than 200 species have been recorded here, among others Monteiro’s hornbill, rockrunner and the orange river francolin.