Hikers who relish a decent physical challenge away from town might want to try out this option.

The Elisenheim nature trail starts at the foot of the Eros mountains and follows the line of the (mostly dry) Döbra riverbed for a few hundred metres before turning east into high country. From here on it rises about 150 metres in altitude before reaching a scenic dam after a few kilometres nestled in the heart of the mountain. This asks for a proper break against a backdrop of panoramic views and a variety of bird life attracted to the water source, among others some local heron- and duck species. Also keep an eye out for rock martins close to the mica cliffs showing off its conspicuous white tail windows in flight.

The trail then continues down to a narrow stream with water filtering through from the dam. Green vegetation and interestingly shaped rock formations serve as motivation to negotiate the next few hilly stretches before a final viewpoint is reached, offering a chance once more to experience the tranquil and silent atmosphere characteristic of this special trail.

Distance ~ 12 kilometres

Duration ~ About 4 hours

Difficulty ~ A mountain day hike with a range in altitude of 175 metres. Must be fit and love to hike to enjoy this one.

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