Ghost house

Offering good views on the Eros- and Otjihavera mountains, this fairly easy trail starts and ends at Villa Heteka, a mere 15 kilometres from town.

Initially following a well-maintained gravel road, the trail later becomes a footpath passing stands of black- and trumpet-thorn bush before reaching the ‘Ghost house’ after 30-45 minutes. This once impressive residence built by a local engineer has been uninhabited for more than 10 years. A pause to look at some interesting remnants of yesteryear before proceeding uphill to reach a viewpoint over the Khomas Hochland.

Be on the lookout for oryx, baboon and warthog frequenting the area. The crimson boubou with its bright red underparts and the tiny violeteared waxbill present colourful local birding highlights.

Following a well-used game path leading downhill toward a dry riverbed, the trail passes the famous building one more time on its way back to the starting point.

Distance ~ 8 kilometres

Duration ~ 2-3 hours

Difficulty ~ Mostly even terrain with a 60 metre range in altitude. A good option for beginners.

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