Wild, rough and beautiful – words that describe the 18 km trail on Farm Düsternbrook. The affinity I have for beautiful landscapes keeps taking me to places. The views and laughter shared made this morning hike special. But I shouldn’t look back. I should move forward for new adventures await.

Halleluya Ekandjo, June 2020

I believe we were made to walk. It just makes sense to put one foot in front of the other – what more could a hiker desire than this? The distance covered took us over various kinds of terrain, each with it’s own unique pleasures: Tall yellow grass on the koppies, sandy riverbeds, dark rock faces.. Making time for a hike like this feeds the soul and leaves opportunity for peace, reflection and mindfulness.

Desma Momsen, May 2020

Nothing beats starting your Saturday morning with the most beautiful sunrise, hiking on a trail with the occasional passing by of warthog, ostrich, wildebeest and of course, other avid hikers. The 9 km hiking trail at Daan Viljoen is wonderful, what I would call a walk in the park with a scenic route. Thank you Marius for also taking the time to teach us about the different plant and animal life found in the area.

Emilie Iyambo, June 2019

At least in my book, satisfaction is the feeling you have after a long hike where you had the time to reconnect with nature, good friends and with yourself. Stok-en-Hoed makes access to such experiences easy. Marius caters to all levels of hikers with a magic mix of experience, gentle pace-setting, good humour and a top class breakfast. I can highly recommend finding your feet in nature with Stok-en-Hoed! See you in the veld soon.

Retha van der Schyf, June 2019

What a lovely hike and so close to Windhoek. A bit challenging at times but well worth it. The scenery is beautiful and having breakfast overlooking the dam was such a pleasure. What a surprise indeed to have a fully laid table, coffee and even freshly made drop-scones!

Ronja Lyhs, May 2019

Stok-en-Hoed provides me with an opportunity to enjoy nature, to feed my eyes with beautiful scenery. This Saturday has been an amazing experience because when I am in nature I am myself. Thank you for this Marius, helping me to be healthy, my soul to be at rest.

Doufi Namalambo, May 2019